Cómo medir la cobertura de las pruebas en SQL|How to measure SQL test coverage


The SQLMutation criterion generates mutants of SQL SELECT statements (queries). Each mutant is a variant of the original query with a small syntactical change that models a potential fault. So as, each mutant represents a situation of interest to be tested in the query.

A mutant is said to be dead (i.e. covered) when the output produced by its execution differs from the output produced by the original query. This implies that the test data used to execute the query wil be able to detect the defect represented by the mutant.

The Mutation Coverage criterion (called SQLMutation) allows to evaluate the coverage or complex queries and was first published in its complete form in:

The TdRules (formerly named SQLRules) toolset supports the generation and evaluation of SQLMutation (via a REST API Service or Web and Desktop client applications)