Test4Data Toolset

Test4Data Architecture


Coverage Evaluation for SQL Database Queries

Implements the SQLFpc and SQLMutation coverage criteria. Consists of a REST API Service, a Web Client and a Desktop Application to evaluate the coverage.


Coverage Criterion for testing SQL database queries

Generates a set of executable rules to evaluate the full Predicate or MCDC coverage for SQL queries against the test database.


Generation of mutants for SQL database queries

Generates a set of mutated SQL queries to evaluate their test effectiveness in relation to a database.


Query-Aware Shrink Test Databases

Starting from an initial database and the queries executed, generates a very small database that preserves the SQLFpc coverage.


Generation of a Database Schema in JSON and XML

Generates the database schema in the format required by SQLFpc and SQLMutation for a database accesible from a JDBC connection.


Specification-Based Testing of Database Applications

Automatically evaluates the test coverage with repect to the specification of the interaction between the user interface and the application database.